FastaCare Services Limited
(Reg-Affairs & QualiPractixis Inc. EU & Nigeria affiliate)

Welcome to Europe!

Export & Distribute your products in Europe!

European Union:
  • Offers access to 28 countries (member states)
  • Offers market access to over 500 million people
  • Provides single market access to 28 countries

Welcome to Nigeria!

Export & Distribute your products in Nigeria!

  • Is the biggest market in Africa
  • Offers market access to over 170 million people
  • Provides access to about 20% of African market

FastaCare Services Limited offers regulatory afffairs support, local representative and training services to EU & non-EU based health & beauty products industries.

With our physical office located in Cyprus, we provide EU Authorised Representative and Responsible Person  services to non-EU based medical device and cosmetics companies respectively. This is a regulatory affairs support service that enables non-EU based manufacturers fulfill mandatory regulatory requirement in Europe. This service encompass provision of complete regulatory compliance services for medical devices and cosmetics products in Europe.

We provide a comprehensive export support services to EU based manufacturers of health & beauty products who want to maintain or expand distribution of their products to Canada, United States of America and Nigeria. Our services includes but not limited to:

 Regulatory Affairs & Quality System Professional Training - Off & On-site
 Canadian, US and Nigerian regulatory submission management for Human Medicines (Pharmaceuticals & Herbals),   Veterinary Medicines, Medical Devices & Cosmetic Products
 Canadian Importer of Records services for Herbal Medicines & Medical Devices
 Nigerian Importer of Records & Representative services for Health & Beauty Products
 Canadian Early Market Entry Support for Herbal Medicines & Medical Devices
 Canadian & US GMP/Quality System regulatory inspection preparation & representation

FastaCare Services Limited is an affiliate of Canadian and Nigerian based Reg-Affairs & QualiPractixis Inc. and FastaCare Therapeutics Nigeria Limited respectively.

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